The automated marketplace for buying and selling event sponsorship

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Modernizing the $50 billion sponsorship industry.

The Sponsorship industry is large and unwieldy, highly-unscientific, and expensive transactions take place with very little accountability.

SPONSR is the first technology platform for the $50 billion sponsorship industry. It’s a marketplace that improves the way brands discover sponsorship opportunities and promoters fulfill them. SPONSR aggregates all opportunities whether they are physical or digital. Brands search for opportunities, buy sponsorship, confirm that services have been delivered to high standards and transfer payment.
Think: Google Adwords for event sponsorship.

What once took 2 months, can now take 2 minutes.

Sponsr has: an exhaustive database of all sponsorable events in the U.S.; a powerful algorithmic search engine; search by geographies, demographics, and psychographics; transaction processing; ratings, rankings, reporting and verification; and an Open API